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September 11, 2016
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December 22, 2016

Make your conservatory the hub of your home this Christmas

Living room at Christmas with Tree and Fireplace

New interior with Christmas tree, presents and fireplace.

With Christmas season in full swing, we all know this time of year isn’t without its various stresses and strains, not least if you’re hosting a house full of people.

If you have a conservatory, it can really come into its own over the festive period, creating much-needed extra space. So how can you make the most of it?

We can’t make all the seasonal stress disappear, but we do have a few tips for space planning, and for taking away some of the chaos:

  • Wise arrangement of seating

You don’t have to be a wise man (or woman) to work out whether you have enough table space or chairs for all your guests, but (make sure you do think ahead. If you have a number of children on the big day, consider having them at the table for a quick, early meal and then the adults can enjoy lunch at their leisure while the children play or watch a movie.

  • Make your conservatory cosy

Consider how you are going to safely heat the space at the coldest time of year. If you have over-excited kids running around, electric bar or fan heaters probably aren’t ideal, so think about panel-style heaters with an integrated thermostat to keep the space warm and cosy.

Don’t forget to add decorations, perhaps add a small tree, throw in some lights and use the extra space for displaying Christmas cards.

  • Go open plan

This makes sense, especially if you are entertaining lots of people. Create a seamless, welcoming space for Christmas by opening up the conservatory doors, so everyone can roam as they wish between different rooms. Space always seems to shrink at Christmas time, as the house fills up with presents, food, discarded wrapping paper and the like. The extra room of a conservatory can really take the edge off the chaos, even if we can’t promise it will eliminate it completely.

  • Put up your guests!

You may feel some of your guests are to be put up with, but you can also put up your guests, thanks to a conservatory. Taxis and hotels aren’t cheap or easy to find over Christmas, especially if plans change unexpectedly, so use your conservatory as a ‘pop up’ bedroom to provide spontaneous overnight accommodation. All you need is a sofa bed.

A conservatory certainly isn’t just for summer, and even in the deep midwinter, it can be worth its weight in plum pudding. Christmas will always be noisy and chaotic, and perhaps that’s how it should be, but a conservatory can make life easier.

At Paradise Windows, we have a great selection of conservatories to choose from whether you want an elegant Victorian conservatory, an Edwardian Conservatoy or a luxury bespoke conservatory. We are based in Bicester and we cover all areas across Oxfordshire including Oxford, Headington, Whitney and Abingdon. Get in touch today, and, if you don’t have one already, maybe next year you can be enjoying the season in one of our gorgeous conservatories or orangeries.