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Composite Doors from Paradise Windows

Whether you’re looking for composite doors in Oxford or anywhere else in Oxfordshire or Gloucestershire, we can help! We have an extensive range of composite doors to complement your home, whether you are looking for a replacement door for the front or back on your home, composite doors are a great solution.

What are Composite Doors?

Composite doors are essentially external doors made up of multiple materials, often with wood at their core, along with insulating materials and other layers, contained within a protective weather-resistant outer skin.

Just about any types of exterior doors can be composite models, including patio and French doors.

Benefits of Composite Doors

Composite doors offer stacks of benefits, including great strength, extreme durability (think of a lifespan that’s measurable in decades rather than years) and a smart appearance. Then there’s the high level of security thanks to multi-point locking systems, thermal efficiency and low maintenance, not to mention ease and speed of installation, heat and sound insulation and great value. So it’s perhaps unsurprising that these solutions are so popular.

Single or dual rebate composite doors?

When replacing your door with a composite model, this is one of the first and most important choices you will have to make.

A rebate is the deep groove cut into the side of a door frame for a super-snug fit. A single rebate frame has one such grove, a dual rebate more than one. With the latter, frames are twice the thickness and so much more secure.

Both offer a high level of performance, weather protection and ease of installation, with the single rebate models tending to offer greater affordability.

Citadel Dual Rebate Doors

These solutions, at 70mm, offer double the thickness of a standard composite door, so you get even more protection from the worst of the weather, not to mention enhanced security.

What’s more, the fully adjustable hinge makes installation and adjustment very easy indeed. With these doors, again, you can take your pick from five standard and 36 bespoke colours for your door.

Choice of hardware

Selection of Door Hardware in Silver for our Composite Doors available in Oxfordshire

Kudos single rebate doors

These are the perfect solution if you’re replacing your current entrance doors. Made with a high-performance composite slab, you can choose between a Veka Halo System 10 chamfered (cut away to make a symmetrical sloping edge) or ovolo (a rounded convex moulding) Rustique outer frame.

The door has a high-density foam core inside a Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) skin. This foam insulates incredibly well, giving, in fact, six times greater thermal efficiency than a standard wooden door. This is an extremely sturdy material which, unlike timber, won’t warp, rot, crack or fade.

In all we offer these models in seven standard and 36 bespoke colours, giving you plenty of choice.

Colour Range

Composite Door Colour Options - Paradise Windows

More Information

Use the links below to download the latest brochures.

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Why choose Paradise?

We offer solutions for composite doors across Oxford and further afield, including in Wiltshire and Gloucestershire.

  • Local: We’re right up your street!
  • Well-established: We’ve been working in our industry for more than two decades and are known for both the quality of our service and our products
  • Free estimates: Without obligation
  • Satisfied clients: We have thousands of them!
  • A decade-long warranty: As a minimum, on all parts including hardware. The industry standard tends to be no more than two years on mechanical parts. We also offer a colour-fast guarantee on all our composite doors in Oxford and beyond.
  • FENSA-registered: This is the Fenestration Self-Assessment scheme, set up by the industry with government approval in response to building regulations. It means we comply with current thermal performance standards.
  • No deposit is needed when you place your order.
  • We like our independence: Because we’re not tied in with any particular manufacturer, we’re free to advise on the individual solution that’s genuinely the best for your home and circumstances.

What do I do next?

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