uPVC Timber Windows in Oxford

Flush Sash uPVC Timber Windows

At Paradise Windows, we supply uPVC timber windows in Oxford and further afield across Oxfordshire. Our uPVC timber windows bring the benefits of robustness, a smart appearance and energy efficiency to your home.

What’s more, we offer plenty of choice, and can fit these models in multiple styles from flush sash to French and casement windows.

uPVC Timber Windows: Feel the Benefits

When you fit timber-effect windows rather than their real counterparts, you’ll notice a number of advantages, including:

  • Low maintenance: An occasional wipe down with warm soapy water is all that’s needed.
  • Cost-effective: Lower maintenance costs and the smaller purchase price mean you save money over the lifetime of your windows.
  • Thermal efficiency: These units are streets ahead! Modern features such as coating, gas-filled glass units and multi-chambered profiles ensure heat is trapped and stays where it belongs – inside your home. Both your carbon footprint and energy bills should come down.
  • Safety and security: You’ll enjoy peace of mind that uPVC timber-effect windows have all the latest security features, making you feel 100% safe in your own home.
  • Weather-resistant: Other models can start to rattle in high winds, or can be costly to repair once water has penetrated the frame. With uPVC units, the weather-proof finish can withstand the worst of the British weather, whatever the conditions.

Our Timber Window Solutions

At Paradise, our timber-effect uPVC frames offer all the above benefits and more.

In fact, most people find them virtually indistinguishable from real timber windows – although you’ll notice they’re longer-lasting, provide better insulation and are less vulnerable to damp and other effects of bad weather.

But we know that it’s important that your windows not only perform well and look great but also suit your home to perfection. That’s why we offer them in many different colours and woodgrain effects, giving homeowners plenty of choice in creating the ideal look for their individual property.

Additionally, we offer a decade-long guarantee on all parts and hardware for these products, giving you extra reassurance and peace of mind that we fit windows to last.

Alongside the colour, there are other things you can do to customise your uPVC timber windows, such as adding leaded glazing or Georgian bars to lend a touch of class and character, particularly to country houses. Again, we can help.

Increase Your Home’s Kerb Appeal

Your windows are often one of the first things seen from the street, so they have a huge impact on what estate agents like to call kerb appeal. uPVC timber windows refresh a property, increasing its desirability and therefore the price if you’re considering putting your home on the market.

That’s particularly true given the way double glazing has advanced in recent years. The latest technology is highly effective in enhancing energy efficiency, reducing energy bills, as well as damp and condensation and so on. So your windows and doors really can be a key selling point.

Looking for uPVC Timber Windows?

At Paradise, with decades of industry experience under our belts, we’re ideally placed to offer expert advice on the best kind of timber-style windows for your home and needs.

Book your free quote and look forward to new replica timber windows, installed by friendly, helpful and professional fitters who will work with minimum disruption. Talk to us today.

uPVC Timber Windows in Oxford - Flush Sash Style

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Our Flush Sash Options

Enjoy the best of both words – traditional styling and modern performance – with FlushSash windows systems from one of Britain’s top uPVC suppliers. This product is ideal, in particular, if you live in a conservation area.

Give your home the classic, understated style of an elegant early nineteenth century timber window – and the technology that has moved on since the 1800s! You can enjoy all the benefits of modern double glazing such as energy efficiency, sound-proofing and safety combined with the beauty of timber windows.

Look forward to:

  • Thermal and acoustic insulation, and five-chamber internal construction giving increased energy efficiency.
  • Multi-point locking, industry-leading hardware and incredible structural strength.
  • All British Standards for security and weatherproofing are met or exceeded, along with full British Board of Agrément (BBA) accreditation.
  • Personalise your windows – choose from 19 different colours. Perhaps you could have different finishes inside and outside your home?
  • Exquisite finishing details such as ‘monkey tail’ handles.

Why choose between stylish, historic appearance and function? With the FlushSash system, you don’t have to.