uPVC door installed on house in Abingdon, Oxfordshire with a double garage by Paradise Windows

uPVC Doors in Oxford

At Paradise Windows, we sell and fit the highest quality uPVC doors in Oxford and across our whole region of Oxfordshire, including Bicester, Witney and Headington. We also have a fantastic range of uPVC Windows to complement your new uPVC doors and give your home a full makeover. If you are looking for replacement doors that will last you many more years to come and make your home more energy-efficient, then look no further than uPVC doors!

What is uPVC?

uPVC is one of those terms that’s bandied around quite a lot but could you define it exactly? Essentially, it’s short for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride. This multi-purpose material can be used in guttering and pipes as well as for windows and doors. When used in the latter, it’s wrapped around a galvanised steel core.

Our uPVC door solutions

All our models come with at least a decade-long guarantee, and we’re happy to take your order without asking for a deposit.

We also offer our solutions in a number of attractive features and styles, including:

  • French doors in an array of very natural-looking colours and styles
  • Stable-type doors to help keep young children and pets safe
  • Safety glass fitted as standard
  • An elegant, wood-style appearance
  • Top lights and side panels
uPVC Timber Effect Door installed by Paradise Windows

uPVC Doors Designer

Use our online Door Designer to find your perfect uPVC Doors and get a quote from us.

Benefits of uPVC Doors

If you’re considering uPVC doors for your home, you can look forward to a great addition to your property. As well as looking attractive, they offer a number of other benefits, including:

Enhanced value of your home

Equally, if you are thinking about selling up, there will be great appeal to those who want to buy somewhere with a low-maintenance solution as far as doors are concerned. As a material for doors and wndows, uPVC is an increasingly popular choice.

Glass Porch Area with Front Door and uPVC front door both installed by Paradise Windows
uPVC Double Doors to back garden installed by Paradise Windows in Oxford

Variety of styles available

You’ll enjoy plenty of choice when it comes to selecting the best design door for your home. The door will be made to measure your home and can be designed to suit your needs. You can choose the type of glass required and the same goes for colour – you are no longer confined to the traditional, standard shade of white. You can have your doors with a wood grain finish, for example, or they can have the appearance of a classic cherry wood or oak door.

Extra strength

Thanks to uPVC’s construction with that galvanised steel core mentioned above, it is often stronger than the wooden equivalent. Timber can, in damper climates such as the UK’s, warp and buckle. That won’t happen with uPVC models, which tend to last a lot longer. These doors keep their rigid shape, whatever the weather, and fit their frame snugly so they can be opened and closed with ease. uPVC is exceptionally long-lasting and hardwearing. What’s more, the colour won’t face over time, either.

uPVC Backdoor close-up of the Handles

Low, low maintenance

Built from high quality PVCu eco-friendly materials means very little upkeep is needed. Of course, all locks can get stiff with time, so the mechanisms may need a drop of oil now and again, but, apart from a quick wipe with a damp cloth, that’s about all the maintenance that will be needed.

Excellent insulation

uPVC is known for offering a high level of insulation against noise. Unwanted sound can be a real bugbear of modern life, and, if you are affected where you live, you may well found uPVC doors help reduce the volume significantly. What’s more, this material does a lot to keep the damp and chill at bay, while preventing warm air from escaping, thanks to its snug fit in the door frame. That means energy is saved, and bills reduced, making uPVC the environmentally-friendly choice. (It’s recyclable as well.)

Close up of security features on our uPVC Doors, showing the lock and handle

Safe as houses

Your front door is obviously the gateway to your home. uPVC solutions are incredibly secure, thanks to their galvanised steel core. They can’t be forced open in the same way as a traditional door can. Most models are also produced to resist crowbars. A home with a door like this becomes extremely difficult to break into. Our models come with a high-performing weather seal and high-security hook bolt locking system for additional peace of mind.

uPVC Panel Doors

uPVC Panel doors have been very popular for a number of years as they provide all of the advantages of uPVC doors, with the advantage of a huge number of choices of styles and glass patterns. Our panel doors are available in White, Mahogany or Oak and can be fitted with a whole range of glass styles to suit your taste. If you would like to know more about our range of Panel doors, please get in touch.

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