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Casement Windows

At Paradise, we offer high-quality, hardwearing and extremely energy-efficient casement windows across Oxford and indeed the whole county of Oxfordshire. For many of our customers, this popular choice of double glazing remains the popular, versatile and practical option.

What are Casement Windows and What are Their Benefits?

It’s one of those terms that are often bandied around, but would you be able to define exactly what a casement window is? These versatile, timeless and practical models have been around since the eighteenth century, when they first replaced older stone-mullioned units, and they soon became the most common style of window. Over the centuries, their design has simply evolved with the fashions of the day.

Essentially, the word ‘casement’ just describes the part of the window which opens. It is attached to its frame by at least one hinge at the side.

Suited to a wide range of properties, casement windows open fully and need fewer glazing bars so you typically enjoy a better view of the outside world. Smaller casements can provide a traditional look and feel, but these units also offer modern performance benefits including watertight security and excellent energy efficiency.

Today’s models include double and single casements, push-out units and versions for bow and bay windows, among other options.

Casement Window Designer

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Refresh and Enhance Your Home

If you’re looking to update your property’s overall appearance, you could do far worse than start with your windows and doors. It’s easy to forget just how much these things contribute to first impressions and what estate agents like to call ‘kerb appeal’. In turn, you enhance the value of your home and its asking price. So if you’re looking to sell up in the currently rather sluggish market, with casements you could be on to a winner.

What’s more, if you’re looking to retain the look of a country home, you can fit leaded glazing, Georgian bars and the like to complement and enhance the building’s character.

Equally, double glazing has improved so much in recent decades that replacing windows and doors can do a lot to boost energy efficiency. That means you reduce damp and condensation, and, most importantly, can look forward to lower energy bills and a toastier home in the colder months.

Our Casement Windows

Our uPVC casement windows come in a gorgeous rainbow of colours, and an array of varied styles. The line-up incorporates a palette of pastel hues, which have become hugely popular – lighter shades may not seem the obvious choice for windows but our customers love them!

That’s not all. There are plenty of other solid advantages to choosing our casement windows, including:

  • A 10-year guarantee on all installations, including parts and hardware, for complete peace of mind
  • Choose from uPVC windows or timber-effect models
  • As well as many different colours, we also offer these products with a realistic woodgrain finish

What are our Casement Windows Like?

We supply System10 Rustique casement windows, which add comfort to your home with a dash of panache. These solutions are functional, versatile and aesthetically appealing.

Look forward to outstanding performance that keeps heat in and noise out, while offering a sky-high level of security.

What’s more, our uPVC casement windows won’t peel, crack or warp whatever the weather, but they can still look as good as real timber.

Replace your windows in their current style or go for something completely different – the choice is yours.  Choose the opening configurations and size to suit your home, and add decorative glass or Georgian bars to complement your property if you wish. Get in touch to get the ball rolling!

How we Can Help You Fit the Perfect Windows

At Paradise, we’re well accustomed to advising customers on the best type of windows to suit their property, needs and budget. With several decades’ industry experience under our belts, we’ve helped hundreds of householders. We could help you, too. Once we’ve got a plan for your uPVC windows or other models, we’ll send round our friendly, professional and helpful fitters who’ll do an expert job, and work hard to minimise any potential disruption to the daily life of your household.

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