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Vertical Sliding Sash Windows With Character

We offer elegant sash windows in Oxford and surrounding areas in Oxfordshire, including Witney, Headington and Bicester. A sash window has one or more moveable panels or ‘sashes’ forming a frame to hold panes of glass, often separated from other panes by glazing bars. Almost all have glazed panels opened by horizontal (or vertical) sliding.

Sash windows have been around since towards the end of the seventeenth century and are often found in Victorian, Edwardian or Georgian properties.

Modern solutions for sliding sash windows and the added benefit of double glazing means you can enjoy considerable comfort alongside an elegant appearance – there’s no compromise and no need to choose between the two.

One classic design is to have three panes across and two up on each of two sashes, to create what’s known as a six-over-six-panel window.

Benefits of Sliding Sash Windows

Choose sliding sash solutions for your double glazed windows in Oxford and elsewhere and you can look forward to a number of benefits, including:

  • Easy incorporation of a number of state-of-the-art safety and security features.
  • An end to unwanted draughts or cold spots – and of course, you can open your windows to let in a cooling breeze when it’s hot.
  • Long-lasting versatility & functionality: These solutions can suit anything from a period property to a stylish modern flat and offer a smooth, dependable operation for years if not decades.

So it’s hardly surprising that sash windows are often the most requested alternative to casement models.

Sash window finishing samples

Our Sash Windows

Get a distinctive, eye-catching look for your home with our vertical sliding sash windows, whatever your property type, finished with a completely natural look.

Our solutions mirror the classic elegance of the Georgian age, while giving you the benefits of low-maintenance, high-performing uPVC.

They come with two sliding sashes, decorative horns and sculpted ovolo frames. As an optional extra, choose sculpted Georgian bars and other fixings to subtly enhance character.

You will also enjoy:

  • Outstanding built-in thermal efficiency thanks to the multi-chambered uPVC profile and triple brush seals around the opening for impeccable draught-proofing. Meanwhile uPVC thermal inserts can be used to boost your windows’ energy efficiency to an A-rating. Remember that around a fifth of the heat leaving the typical British house escapes through the windows. Our solutions help keep bills low and comfort levels high.
A-rated sash windows information graphic
  • No-nonsense cleaning & maintenance: Our sash windows have an innovative design to make cleaning and maintenance a doddle. Upper and lower sashes tilt inwards, giving access from inside, increasing safety above ground level. What’s more, uPVC needs no painting or treating anyway. A quick wipe down is all you need to keep frames looking as they did the day they were fitted.
Sash windows Irish oak examples
  • Fire safety: All of our windows comply with the Building Regulations Part B (fire safety) ‘means of escape’ requirements in terms of creating enough room for a safe escape to be made in the event of a fire.
  • Tailor-made: Every window in our sliding sash range is tailored to suit your home, no one else’s! Sizes are available from up to 1.6m wide and 2.4m high. With our range of colours and woodgrain finishes, you’re bound to find a look that sets your property off to perfection. In all, there are seven colours from which to take your pick.
Sash window colour samples
  • Faultless fitting: Our sash windows are manufactured and installed to a very high standard, for a faultless finish, time after time.
  • ‘A’ rated for sustainability: uPVC is reusable and recyclable over hundreds of years, making this material the eco-friendly choice.

Why choose Paradise?

We offer solutions for sliding sash timber and uPVC windows in Oxford as well as further afield across Oxfordshire, and in Wiltshire and Gloucestershire.

  • Local: We’re right up your street!
  • Well-established: We’ve been working in our industry for more than 20 years and are known for both the quality of our service and our products
  • Free estimates: With no hard sell or obligation
  • Delighted clients: Join thousands of them!
  • A decade-long warranty: We offer this guarantee on all parts including hardware. The industry standard is typically up to just two years on mechanical parts.
  • FENSA-registered: The Fenestration Self-Assessment scheme was set up by the industry with government approval in response to building regulations. It means we comply with all current thermal performance standards, giving you peace of mind.
  • We won’t take a deposit when you place your order with us
  • We’re independent: We’re not linked to any particular manufacturer, so can advise you on the individual solution that’s genuinely the best one for you. Let us come out to your home without charge or obligation for a chat about potential options.

What’s more, our professional approach and sky-high standards of service come as standard and have led to countless word-of-mouth recommendations over the years.

Take the next step

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  • Book an initial consultation. One of us will be glad to discuss the various solutions without doing the hard sell, and, remember, without charge or obligation.
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