French Windows

Here at Paradise Windows, we supply and install elegant French windows to customers locally in Oxford itself, as well as across the wider Oxfordshire area, including in Witney, Bicester, Headington and Kidlington as well as parts of the Cotswolds.

As you’re no doubt already aware, new windows have a significant impact on the overall appearance of your home, inside and out. One popular option, French windows, suits a wide variety of homes, from modern dwellings to character properties.

This versatility also extends to the range of colours in which these models are available, including uPVC timber effect French windows. If you’re looking to update your doors too, or even replace an old window with a door, we also offer French doors to match your new windows.

What Are French Windows?

It’s one of those terms which everyone thinks they know, but could you describe exactly what French windows are? There’s more confusion surrounding the definition than you may have realised., not least because, technically, they didn’t even originate in France!

They’re actually pretty similar to standard casement windows. They’re attached by a hinge to the window frame on one side, without a central post or mullion. This creates a single large opening. Units are typically double-glazed, with large glass areas and open inwards or outwards, but more commonly the latter. French windows are typically a type of uPVC window, though they can also be made from aluminium too, or real timber.

How About Matching French Doors?

At Paradise, we’re also able to install French doors to replace your existing, possibly outdated patio doors (or even whole existing windows) to really open up your indoor living space.

Once again, our French doors are available in high-quality, hardwearing uPVC, in the same colour palette as our French windows.

Get in touch today and take the first step towards transforming your home.

The Benefits Of French Windows

This style of window offers homeowners a range of clear advantages and some great features, including:

  • Improved ventilation: Because of the way these units open, they provide more ventilation than other window types.
  • Flexibility: French windows open inwards or outwards
  • Strong thermal properties: French windows are great at preventing heat from escaping. They also provide effective soundproofing.
  • Reinforced frames provide extra strength
  • Available in different colours and textures, including woodgrain
  • More natural light: Even when closed, French windows allow your home to be flooded with natural light.
  • Opening up the outside world: There’s nothing to obstruct the view of the garden or other outdoor area, so French windows break down the barriers between the inside and outside of your home.
  • Highly secure: With modern frame designs, these home improvements offer incredible security – which you can enhance further by opting for double or even triple glazing.
  • Emergency exit: There’s no vertical crossbar, so French windows serve as an emergency exit if necessary
  • Low maintenance: Especially if you go for uPVC or aluminium versions, these windows practically take care of themselves, and require very little in the way of maintenance beyond the occasional quick wipe.

Our French Windows

French windows from Paradise Windows are produced with the highest-quality double-glazed uPVC frames, offering outstanding energy ratings plus thermal protection from droughts.

What’s more, we can fit these models in a stunning array of fashionable shades, from classic white to pastel greens, blues and greys.
As if all that wasn’t enough, our double-glazed French windows come with a minimum 10-year guarantee, giving you extra peace of mind that you will be able to enjoy your replacement windows for many years to come.