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Make your conservatory the hub of your home this Christmas
December 1, 2016
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Keep chilly draughts at bay this winter
January 9, 2017

Give your conservatory a New Year’s health check

The holiday season is just about here, and it’s a great time for catching up on all those jobs you’ve been meaning to do all year. Giving your conservatory a thorough health check may well be something that’s on your list.

One of the great things about having one of these home extensions is that it becomes a seamless part of your home, to the extent that it can sometimes be easy to forget it was added separately!

But that separateness does mean you need to check your extension in its own right. Have a thorough look for condensation, leaks, any blocked gutters and similar issues.

Especially if you’ve had a full house over Christmas, remember that thorough, natural ventilation minimises condensation, especially in winter. Open doors and windows, keep trickle vents open and open your roof vent if you have one, though be mindful of security if you leave an easily accessible vent open and then go out.

Heating will also help dry out the atmosphere and control condensation. It’s always worth keeping some heat in your home improvement when it’s cold outside.

Gutters can become full and dirty rapidly, especially as the British winter does its worst. Keep your conservatory pristine on the outside by staying on top of your gutter cleaning. This also helps gutter to fulfil their function efficiently, without blockages.

While you can have gutter clearance done professionally, that’s not essential. Get rid of leaves, twigs and similar debris before using a hose to flush out anything smaller. If you invest in a gutter brush, you will be able to access those hard to reach spots.

Keeping windows clean is clearly another key aspect of conservatory maintenance. You may well find a window cleaner with professional expertise in this area, but, again, it’s something you can do yourself.

Use a non-abrasive cloth and stick to products designed for glass cleaning. Pay attention to mastic seals, the black or white ones around a door or window frame. Although these discolour over time, regular cleaning using warm, soapy water helps.

Check your door and window locks, too, to retain maximum security and lightly oil moving parts to keep locking mechanisms in good order. (This should be done at least once a year and Christmas is as good a time as any to remember to do it.)

These few, simple checks at this time of year will keep your conservatory healthy. Make it your resolution to keep on top of them all year round.

Equally, you may want to make it your New Year’s resolution to transform your home with a new conservatory. Talk to us at Paradise Windows, the leading provider of Oxfordshire conservatories, today.