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Keep chilly draughts at bay this winter

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With much of Britain freezing this month due to some extremely low temperatures and bad weather, we’re all trying to stay as warm as possible while keeping one eye on constantly rising energy bills.

Cold draughts can seriously impact the warmth of your home, and quite a lot of heat can be lost this way. But the good news is that as well as having quality double glazing windows, there are various things you can do to drought-proof your front door quickly, easily and cheaply.


The amount of air that can escape through a keyhole can be surprising. Consider fitting pivoting covers over keyholes, ideally inside and out, to cover these areas and help prevent draughts. You’ll still be able to lock and unlock your door easily.

Cat flaps

Again, these may not necessarily be something you have considered previously. Clearly, your furry friend enjoys being able to come and go as they please, but consider a magnetic flap or even boarding up this space completely.


Over time, warping can occur on doors, especially and obviously, those made from timber. Clearly the best solution is a replacement door made from uPVC or a similar modern and hardwearing material, but meanwhile, draught stripping around your old door will help keep the cold air on the right side of your home.

The letterbox

Again, this can often be overlooked when draughtproofing your home. If closing it up completely and having a US-style standalone mailbox doesn’t appeal, an Ecoflap helps stop draughts and just fits over the letter slot to seal it up, while still keeping it usable.

The bottom of the door

There’s likely to be a small space between your doorframe and the bottom of the door itself, which may be letting cold air enter the building. Add a draught excluder brush strip along the base of the door, inside or out. A fabric version is another speedy solution, and you’ll find these in an array of patterns and designs.

Of course, all of these ideas offer short-term preventative measures, not a cure. Replacing older doors completely with newer, more effective solutions means you don’t have to worry about draughts every time the temperature dips.

At Paradise Windows, we have been supplying replacement doors across Oxford & Oxfordshire for more than 20 years. With no deposit needed, all our models also come with a decade-long guarantee. Our range of doors includes composite doors and bi-folding doors, which are great for letting in more natural light.

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