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Composite Doors vs uPVC Doors – what’s the difference?

Black Composite Door on the front of an Oxfordshire house installed by Paradise Windows

There’s lots of talk about how great composite doors are, but could you point out precisely how they differ from their uPVC counterparts?

What are composite doors?

Firstly, it’s worth knowing what exactly a composite door is. Essentially, the key difference from uPVC doors, which are entirely fashioned from plastic, is that composite doors are made from several different materials – these are glued and pressed together under high-pressure conditions.

The materials used in composite doors have been chosen specifically for their properties, and they are put together specifically to ‘design out’ the flaws commonly encountered in single-material models.

Some of the other benefits include the strength, durability and security which composite doors offer, making them resistant to the worst of the British weather, all year round. They’re certainly not prone to damage.

As well as the quality of the materials used, another key difference between the two types of door lies in the thickness – composite models are much thicker, typically measuring 44m in depth compared to uPVC versions.

Benefits of Composite Doors vs uPVC Doors

Some more of the other benefits of composite doors worth considering include:

  • Safe and sound

Clearly, with your front door being the gateway to your home, security is vital.

While uPVC doors are already very secure, composite ones take this to a higher level. The super-strong structure of the frame is combined with glass-reinforced plastic to offer cast-iron protection against any would-be intruders.

What’s more, if you use laminated glazing, if this is broken, it won’t fall out of the door or shatter but stay in place.

  • Long-lasting value

With a lifespan that can be measured in decades rather than years, composite doors represent outstanding value for money.

  • Styled to suit you

Equally, you can tailor your door to suit your needs and your home’s overall look and feel – something you can’t always do with other types of door. After something modern or a more traditional look? With composite doors, the choice is yours.

Sometimes the range of uPVC door colours on offer can be limited, but with composite doors there’s great choice of shades, to suit your needs and tastes and your property’s style.

  • Low maintenance

You’ll love how little maintenance is required, as well. Just the occasional wipe with a cloth and the odd drop of oil on the hinges are all that’s needed for your door to continue to look good and work as new.

Options from Paradise

At Paradise Windows, we offer a stunning range of composite doors in Oxford & Oxfordshire. One could be yours with no deposit required. Talk to us today and book your consultation without charge or obligation.