Victorian uPVC Conservatory in Oxford installed by Paradise Windows

Victorian Conservatories

At Paradise Windows, we’ve been installing Victorian conservatories since 1995 in and around Oxfordshire and when you think of a conservatory, it’s probably a Victorian model you’ll think of before you think of anything else.

Victorian conservatories are among our most popular traditional conservatory designs, thanks to their visual appeal and versatility, making them suitable for many different types of property.

Bold but elegant, these conservatories tend to blend in rather than looking like an afterthought. What’s more, their flexibility means they can suit whatever size and type of space is available with your property.

Equally, these models have multiple uses, whether you’re after a dining room, playroom, office or anything else, not least because of their generous floor space and high ceilings.

The Victorian period, 1837 to 1901, was a time when conservatories were growing in popularity, and a golden age for botany and keeping plants under glass. Specifically, architectural styles of the time favoured heavy ornamentation to suit the homes of the time, a legacy still seen in today’s home improvements. Some styles even included a Gothic shape to the roof.

Key characteristics of this type of extension include a steeply pitched apex roof that looks bigger than it really is and a multi-faceted bay front. With up to five facets, it’s not unusual to find more, creating a rounded structure that juts out from the main property.

Roofs also tend to have highly ornate ridge detailing.

At Paradise Windows, our Victorian conservatories offered across Oxfordshire include three or five-faceted versions, which you can order in varying colours and finishes and with different glazing options from which to take your pick.

White uPVC Victorian Conservatory installed by Paradise Windows


A dwarf wall and ornamented glass panels are among the typical features of Victorian conservatories. The ornamentation is generally done by glazing, or by adding intricate detailing on to the panels themselves.

Thin frames and glass are other characteristics of the style, and this can easily be replicated while still complying with Building Regulations.

Typically, dark-coloured hardwood with a detailed grain and a polished veneer is the material used in the construction of these conservatories, and this certainly adds to the ornamental aspect.

However, these days, a Victorian conservatory is just as likely to be made from more modern materials including aluminium and uPVC, to make it stronger and better able to withstand the elements.

Equally, you can include modern comforts from underfloor heating to double glazing and electric ventilation, no matter the age of your home. Meanwhile the acoustic insulation of our products also keeps unwanted noise at bay.

Ideally, the painted exterior of your conservatory will match that of your property.

Mahogony Colour Victorian Conservatory installed in Oxfordshire by Paradise Windows

Roofing options

The roof can be bell-shaped or rise to an elevated pitch, topped with an apex. With rounded models, a bell-shaped version is more commonly found. There are generally ornamental ridges at the apex, often shaped to look like a crown.

We use the Ultraframe roofing system to give your home improvement a particularly distinguished finish. That means you get a conservatory with a classic, elegant appearance that also has modern benefits, including carbon footprint-friendly thermal efficiency for year-round snugness while also keeping heating bills down.

There’s also condensation-busting ventilation, and a strong guarantee of quality in the form of Ultraframe’s Certificate of Authenticity.

High-performing windows

You’ll love the attention to detail in our beautifully finished windows, finished with climate-controlled glazing so that the worst of the UK’s winter is kept firmly where it belongs – outside.

Safe as houses

When it comes to safety and security, we take no chances. The windows in our Oxfordshire conservatories would pass the most rigorous security testing, and deter the most determined intruder with their strong locking systems and security-protected hinges.

We also offer personal safety options such as child-safe restricted opening.

Meanwhile our doors have multi-point locking systems for added security and locks are finished to the most demanding British Standards.

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We supply Victorian conservatories all over Oxfordshire, including in places such as Chipping Norton, Witney and Abingdon, as well as central Oxford. All of these areas include a number of period properties, which are especially suited to this style of home improvement.

As a leading provider of conservatories and uPVC windows in Oxfordshire, we know a Victorian conservatory could make a valuable addition to your property. Talk to us today.