Interier View of White Composite Door installed in Oxfordshire by Paradise Windows
uPVC vs Composite Doors: Which is Best?
September 4, 2018
Replacing windows in spring banner - Woman and child looking out of window into garden
Replacement Windows: Five Reasons Why the Time is Right to Spring into Action!
February 10, 2019
Interier View of White Composite Door installed in Oxfordshire by Paradise Windows
uPVC vs Composite Doors: Which is Best?
September 4, 2018
Replacing windows in spring banner - Woman and child looking out of window into garden
Replacement Windows: Five Reasons Why the Time is Right to Spring into Action!
February 10, 2019

Exterior Home trends for 2019: Windows and Doors

With many new shapes, styles and colours emerging on the market, new exterior home trends are continuously growing and moving away from the days where options were rather limited to standard white uPVC windows and doors.

Update your windows and doors, or even just your front door and you can reap the rewards of enhanced property value and saleability among many other rewarding features.

Simple home improvements like these can provide a super cost-effective way of modernising your property whilst avoiding disruptive, ongoing building work and often, having to obtain planning permission.

Not only can you make your home look and sell better but you can also increase the energy efficiency, saving money on heating in the winter and even fans or aircon in the summer with certain models such as aluminium. Users looking for a new home on Zoopla and other online property search sites can now compare properties based on their energy efficiency, even more of a reason not to neglect this feature of your home!

Since the UK waved goodbye to the last recession and property prices began to climb back, the number of home improvements being carried out has risen steadily year on year since 2013.

On top of an increase in home improvements, 5 times more people are choosing to update their home instead of moving compared with those 4 years ago.

However, while some of us choose to make our current home better, many of us would still rather move, and hence many of us just want to increase the value first to help us buy our “dream home”. Either way, in the current market, whether you are moving or staying put, the benefits of installing new windows and doors cannot be overlooked.

Window and Door Trends Set to Grow in 2019

Alongside any market increases, comes the evolution of new styles and trends and the window and doors industry is no different. The last few years have welcomed many new trendy designs set to become timeless classics and 2019 is sure to give us more!

But what are the current trends, and how do you make the right choices to get the most out of your home?

As experts in windows and doors, we always keep up-to-date on the latest industry trends and to help you decide, we’ve rounded together a list of some of the top picks as we enter the new year!

Window Trends for 2019

Replacing your windows and upgrading to double glazing is still one of the most popular home improvements in the UK. Let’s run through some of the top window trends for 2019:

Thinner Frames and More Glass

Recent years have seen many of us opting for thinner frames on our windows and hence more glass! It’s no surprise really, as one of the primary aims of getting new windows is to increase the natural light in our home. Secondary to that is getting the most from the views outdoors, and the thinner the frame, the better the view!

Darker Frames

Over the last few years, window frames have got progressively darker since the days of almost every window being manufactured or painted white! Not only are more homeowners choosing aluminium windows, which more often than not are chosen in darker shades, but more and more people are choosing darker shades of uPVC windows or painting their existing timber frames darker.


Eco-friendliness and energy efficiency are becoming one of the most important features for new windows, aside from the aesthetic look. Many of us are realising and benefitting from the enjoyment of decreased energy bills and helping to reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint. Energy bills can be reduced by as much as £175 a year, meaning your new windows could also be an investment and have paid for themselves in no time.

For those of us who still have single glazing, just upgrading to double glazing windows is enough to notice a difference, especially in the winter.

Many double-glazed windows are now rated with an energy efficiency score, at Paradise Windows all our windows rate extremely high on the energy efficiency score.

Floor to Ceiling Windows

With an increased focus of increasing natural light in the home, it’s no wonder floor to ceiling windows are becoming the norm in many modern homes.

Aluminium windows are a natural choice for the floor to ceiling designs and with their many benefits and insulating properties, are great for avoiding both chilly drafts and extreme heat from the sun.

For a stunning effect from inside your home, frame the view outside through your floor to ceiling windows, whether it’s the rolling countryside hills or some leafy plants in your rear patio garden.

While it’s important the exterior of your home looks great, don’t overlook how your new windows will look from inside. After all, we spend more time inside our homes than we do outside, and so do prospective buyers if you are looking to sell!

Internal Windows

Many of us consider a typical plastered wall as the only way of dividing a space into separate rooms. But what if there was a solution that made the space feel bigger and not smaller without going open plan while bringing in more natural light?

Say hello to internal windows! Whether your home is a chic apartment and you want to spread some of natural light across the rooms and create a more spacious feel or you want to separate sections of industrial living space, internal windows can look superbly stylish!

If you’re building a home from scratch and have a wealth of space, an internal courtyard is a sure way to flood the natural rays into the interior of your home while creating a stunning space.

Industrial Style Windows

The industrial look appears to have taken off throughout 2018 and doesn’t look like it will be slowing down anytime soon. From trendy hipster restaurants and cafes to New York loft-style apartments, exposed steel, recycled metals and architectural bronze looks are taking over and set to become a modern yet timeless look.

Generally, industrial windows don’t come small, so think tall yet slim frames in darker shades and often with Georgian bars to set the look.

Doors Trends for 2019

A home makeover or exterior facelift wouldn’t be quite complete without a new set of doors to match! We round up some of the latest door trends set to grow as we enter 2019!

Composite Doors

No one can deny that uPVC doors are a great all-around choice, and one of the first options that spring to most peoples’ mind when they consider a new door, especially a front door. However, over the last several years we have seen a huge increase in people wanting to benefit from all the features and versatility that composite doors provide.

With enhanced security, extra insulation and extreme hardwearing properties, composite doors make a great investment. As well as this, composite front doors can be matched to any style of home.

For those of us living in a cottage or character property and wanting to retain some of the features, they can be made to replicate timber frames while providing all the rewards and benefits of a composite option.

Paired with traditional ironmongery, such as our recently welcomed range of composite doors, they can look quite the part in any country home, even if you are looking for a new set of stable doors!

While for those of us in new or modern homes, they can also be made into super stylish, secure entrances and bring a touch of class to newer properties.

Composite and Aluminium French Doors

Many of us have only heard of composite front doors and think of wooden frames when we imagine French doors, however, there are easier, higher energy-saving and harder wearing options – Composite or Aluminium!

As with composite front doors, backdoors can also be made to replicate traditional styles while providing all the benefits of modern models. And French doors still count! Reap all the benefits of hardwearing, weatherproof doors and make use of them on the rear of your home too.

Floor to Ceiling Glass on Back Doors

As with windows, more glass is becoming higher and higher on the list of must-have door features. Gone are the days of single backdoors with only half of the area taken up by the glass, while highly visible on the scene are thinner framed windows with full-size glass panels.

Bold Colours

Bold colours are becoming the norm when it comes to fitting new doors, especially when it comes to front doors. People are taking more and more pride in the front of their home and many of us want to create a great (and memorable) first impression, and sometimes a simple white uPVC door just doesn’t make the most of the property’s features.

Traditional Ironmongery on Front Doors

Door furniture can be new, but it certainly doesn’t need to look new! Give the front of your home some character and increase your property’s desirability (and hopefully value!) by adding some traditional ironmongery to your front door. Think big black lion knockers and elegant black letterboxes, or go for gold and create a front door with a touch of elegance.

Looking to Update Your Windows and Doors?

Then look no further! At Paradise Windows, we’ve been supplying and installing windows and doors across Oxford and the surrounding areas in Oxfordshire for nearly a quarter of a century, having recently reached our 24th year. Whether you live in Oxford city centre or nearby villages and towns such as Bicester and Witney, we can fit your windows and doors!

We have a complete range of beautiful double glazed windows and doors to choose from. Our windows and doors are available in all shapes and sizes, from vertical sliding sash windows to bi-folding doors for the rear of your home and composite stable doors for the front. Our expert team are always happy to help and advise you on how to complete your home makeover, just contact us and we’ll even arrange for one of our installers to come and give you a free, no-obligation quote.