Exterior Home trends for 2019: Windows and Doors
January 4, 2019
Make replacement doors & windows part of your ‘improve don’t move’ mantra
March 7, 2019
Exterior Home trends for 2019: Windows and Doors
January 4, 2019
Make replacement doors & windows part of your ‘improve don’t move’ mantra
March 7, 2019

Replacement Windows: Five Reasons Why the Time is Right to Spring into Action!

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At the time of writing, Britain lies in the grip of some seriously wintry conditions, with the country shivering after coldest night of the season so far. Yellow weather warnings are in place, and more snow and ice are forecast.
Of course, we’d all rather be spending January and February in the Bahamas! But, actually, spring is a lot nearer than you think.
And if you’re one of the growing armies of householders who are following the increasingly common ‘don’t move, improve’ mantra, the return of the milder weather offers the perfect chance to plan your replacement windows or doors.
Of course, you can replace such things at any time of year. But if you book the job about now, you’ll be all ready to go when (hopefully) the weather does get better.

Why Spring is the Best Time to Replace Your Windows

There are a number of reasons why it makes good sense to sort out your new windows and doors at this time of year:

1.) You are far more likely to get your dates of choice for the work
Home improvement companies tend to be at their busiest when spring starts springing, so get ahead of the game by discussing your project now. That way, it’s far easier to work around things like Easter holidays or to book work for popular weekend dates if that’s the only time you’re free.
2.) Light and moisture levels are better
It’s not just the milder temperatures that make spring so conducive to replacing sash windows and the like. While autumn days are also mild, they tend to be wetter. And, as well as the drier conditions, spring has the advantage of offering longer days, whether you’re fitting double glazed windows or anything else.
3.) You’ll stay warmer, too
Inevitably, replacing uPVC windows and the like means they have to be taken out of their frames for several hours at a stretch. Do this when the weather is a shade warmer and you won’t have to let in chilly drafts which then force you to effectively pump money out into the cold air if you turn on the heating.
4.) Material reasons why spring is best
Part of the reason why spring is the best season for window replacements is that certain materials, especially aluminium and vinyl, tend to expand in warmer weather while contracting when the mercury dips.
Caulk is the sealant used in joints or seams in double glazing and so on. If you caulk your windows and it’s too cold, the stuff could split, or cracks if the materials contract as the temperature goes down.
(Equally, if it’s too hot, the caulk won’t cure properly. So the sweltering days that we enjoyed (or endured!) last summer may not be ideal if we have a similar heat wave.)
5.) More time to enjoy your new windows
It’s one thing having windows that don’t open properly during the coldest months of the year. You probably wouldn’t be flinging them wide open that often anyway. But, come spring, and then summer, you’ll want to let all that fresh, balmy air in as often as possible. From your gorgeous new windows, you’ll also be able to enjoy watching your garden come to life as we get further into spring.

How we can help

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