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Double glazing: the sound benefits of cutting out noise

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When it comes to double glazed windows, most of us appreciate the benefits, especially in terms of keeping a property warmer and cosier.

But you can also look forward to reducing the amount of unwanted outside noise that you can hear inside your home. Quality double glazed windows, installed by a reputable firm such as ourselves, really can enhance your property’s acoustic insulation.

Modern double glazed solutions make use of highly engineered systems featuring the latest technology to keep cold air at bay and warmth indoors. The same sophisticated design also makes double glazing the best way of keeping out unwelcome noise, which could be important if you live in a built-up area, under a flight path or near any other busy transport route.

While a busy road can create sounds levels of between 70 and 100 decibels, the best rated double glazed windows will typically be able to reduce this by around 30 decibels, or between around a half and a third. That could make a real difference when, for example, trying to get a small child to sleep.

In especially busy areas, or those very near an airport or city centre, or for very light sleepers, standard double glazing may not be enough. You may want to think about having acoustic glazed sealed units in your windows.

A lorry trundling by creates molecules in the air which together form a sound wave after they bump into each other. Of course, the sound wave then reaches your ears and causes the disturbance.

With acoustic glazing, the intensity of the sound wave is reduced with an extra layer of lamination between the glass panes, existing as a noise barrier to absorb and reflect the energy of any sound waves which hit it. The space between the panes is also increased, meaning, again, energy is reduced and you will be less troubled by noise.

What you choose for your own home will depend on a number of factors, including what windows you have already, and where the unwanted sound is coming from. It may be, for example, that you only need this kind of glazing at the front of the house.

Talk to us about the available options, and we could literally help you sleep more soundly at night! At Paradise Windows, we have an extensive line-up of solutions including double glazed uPVC windows in Oxford or outside, as well as across Worcestershire and Gloucestershire. Talk to a member of the friendly, knowledgeable and unpushy team today.