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Invest in your home by replacing your windows

Hardwood Timber Casement Windows with Georgian Bars and Monkey Tail Handles installed in Oxford by Paradise Windows

For homeowners, there are several reasons why replacing older windows can reap rewards and be a highly worthwhile investment.

Newer windows be a lot more energy-efficient, so that your rooms stay at a more comfortable temperature all year round, with reduced heat loss a particular bonus for the colder times of the year.

What’s more, if you’re looking to sell up and move on, new and improved windows can seriously enhance your property’s value before you put it on the market. Even if you’re staying put, and with the current uncertain market many of us want to improve rather than move, you’re making a sound investment in your property.

However, given that new windows do represent a significant outlay for any householder, you need to get it right first time, and do your research thoroughly before making a decision.

  • Think about which windows will best meet the particular needs of your home, lifestyle and family. You may have limits in terms of what you can do if you live in an older or listed property. Learn about the different finishes, features and materials available and research prices for the windows themselves as well as the cost of installation. Know your casements from your sashes from your double-hung solutions.
  • Consider energy performance ratings based on where the windows in your home are. And be sure that by replacing your windows with models identical to those you have now, you are not merely replicating existing problems.
  • Match the style and appearance of your home, and bear in mind how much maintenance will be needed, whatever solution you end up going for.

Finally, brace yourself for some minor disruption, given the scale of any window replacement project. At Paradise Windows, we really do work hard to keep this to an absolute minimum.

Talk to us today about uPVC windows and double glazed windows in Oxford and beyond and we can also help you talk through the options for your property. We have many years’ industry experience and access to a host of solutions.