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5 Reasons to Replace Your Front Door

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It’s easy to forget just how important the entranceway to your home is, but there are more reasons to replace your front door than you may have realised. After all, it’s key to the warmth, security and energy efficiency of your property, and among the first things any visitor notices. Equally, it can reduce noise pollution and increase natural light.

And while it may sound a major operation, replacing your front door is actually a straightforward home improvement that can make a big difference, particularly to your property’s aesthetic appeal from outside.

So it’s certainly worth considering, whether you’ve recently moved somewhere new, are renovating or making improvements ahead of selling up. UK house prices are now rising faster than in almost two years, says Halifax, so if you’re considering selling this spring or summer, you could be entering a favourable property market.

What’s more, front door technology has advanced considerably over the last 10 years, and there’s now more choice than ever in terms of styles and colours. For materials, take your pick from composite doors to uPVC and aluminium models.

Is it Time For a Replacement Front Door?

Of course, over time, you may well notice visible signs of wear and tear on your front door, but this type of visible indication is not the only reason it could be time for an upgrade. Here are our top five reasons for investing in a new model.

#1 Improving the Exterior of Your Home

A fabulous front door plays a huge part in the first impression your home creates, and improves its visual appeal no end, from outside but also from indoors and the hallway, too. What’s more, this aesthetic lift typically comes in return for minimal time and effort and represents great value for money.

Think about what you can do to make yours stand out for all the right reasons, from bold colour choice to high-quality hardware, and create a feeling of strength and sturdiness that also welcomes visitors to your home.

#2 Draught Prevention

While adequate ventilation is crucial, not least in keeping damp and condensation at bay, unwanted air leakages from windows and doors cause needless heat loss. This is not only seriously environmentally unfriendly, but it also pushes up energy bills. Wooden doors, in particular, can warp over time, expanding and contracting with the weather and exacerbating the problem.

There are some DIY draught-proofing measures you could try which may help a little but, equally, these may not fix the issue entirely. New uPVC doors exclude draughts while brilliantly replicating the beauty of real wood.

#3 Adding Value

It may sound clichéd, but when it comes to property viewings, first impressions really are vital. Prospective buyers often decide within minutes whether they’ll be making an offer, and the right front door could potentially boost value by thousands, claim some reports.

As one online estate agent told a national newspaper: “Front doors are often indicative of the condition of people’s home overall. They are a potential buyer’s focal point as they decide, very quickly, whether they love or loathe your property.”

#4 Enhanced Security For You and Your Family

Without wishing to sound alarmist, front doors are one of the most common points of entry for intruders. There are security measures you could add to your current portal, but a new front door is usually the best way of preventing the emotional and financial stress of a break-in, especially if you’re often away.

The latest front doors provide the benefits of modern security systems with no compromise on appearance. Contemporary models incorporate bars, bolts and support structures alongside high-end locks, and fit the doorway perfectly. Conversely, older hinges, deadbolts, screws and locks in period doors may be ill-fitting or fashioned from lower-quality materials which aren’t fit for purpose for today’s needs.

#5 More natural light in your hallway

If your home doesn’t benefit from a lot of natural light, perhaps because it’s located in a valley, has trees surrounding it or it doesn’t face south, then glass-panel front doors can work wonders. Welcome the sunshine and your guests inside with these models. Frosted or tinted models offer a way of ramping up the daylight without sacrificing privacy. Equally, the newest doors made with glass sections are incredibly secure.

How We Can Help You Update Your Front Door

If you’re looking to for replacement doors in Oxford or the surrounding parts of Oxfordshire, such as Bicester or Witney, give Paradise Windows a call. We offer a stylish line-up of windows and doors, including composite and uPVC doors, as well as, of course, our extensive range of patio doors and double glazing. Talk to us today – we promise we won’t give you the hard sell. But we will help you make a grand entrance!