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April 17, 2018
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May 10, 2018

Front doors: this year’s top trends

Black Composite door on white house in Oxfordshire fitted by Paradise Windows

Today’s homeowners are faced with a huge array of interior design styles for everything from lighting to upholstery and wall decorations. Perhaps precisely because of all this choice, it can sometimes be easy to overlook the humble front door.

But the importance of this main entrance to your home should not be underestimated. Here, we take a look at some of this year’s hottest trends for this home improvement if you’re considering replacing your front door.

Clearly, you can’t change your front door every few months, or even every year, just to keep up with the fashions – but we hope the ideas below give you some inspiration for things you may not have otherwise considered.

Heavy metal

One of the most talked-about trends this year is metallics, used to add an accent to the design of your front door. Think door knockers, letter boxes, handles and similar hardware in chrome, bronze or gold to stay bang on-trend. (Brass door hardware is, however, becoming less popular.)

Designs on colour

According to Ideal Home, darker furniture has been extremely popular so far in 2018, so you can’t go wrong with smart black. (After all, it’s sleek, stylish and will suit any style or age of property.) Equally, however, modern pastel palettes (think ice cream parlour shades like duck-egg blue) and bolder primary hues such as poppy red will also help your front door stand out, and yellow and teal are also coming to the forefront.

Going large

Recently, there has also been a growing preference for larger front doors. So if your hall’s ceiling can take it, you could make a statement with a taller, more impressive front door. Additionally, if you happen to need wheelchair access, a wider entranceway clearly makes sense.

Uniformity with garage doors

Yet another recent trend has been to use similar layout, design and colour for front and garage doors. What’s more, this kind of unified appearance makes the two door sets look as though they belong together, particularly if your garage and front portal happen to be very close to each other.

At Paradise Windows, serving Oxford and beyond, we have a stunning line-up of quality, customisable front doors that you can make your own, with composite, bifolding and uPVC versions all on offer. Whether you’re looking for doors or double glazed windows in Oxford or outside, we can help. Call us before you call anyone else.