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November 13, 2017
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Bi-folding doors – feel the benefits!

If you’re not exactly aware of what bi-fold doors are, they’re essentially models that bunch up like a concertina to offer a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor space. Each door leaf folds back smoothly on to the other, while magnetic pads hold them securely in place so you can enjoy unimpeded views and maximal natural daylight.

And as if all that wasn’t enough, you enhance the value of your home at the same time.

It’s all about trying to bring the colour green inside. After all, the ‘green room’ where TV celebrities wait their turn before performing is thought to be so-called because of the shade’s calming nature, and the way it re-energises the senses.

With bi-folding doors, you can create your own take on the green room as you stand looking out over your garden in the morning, cup of coffee in hand. What nicer way to start the day?

A bifold door folds back to give you a full run of space, and opens up a whole room, making for superb outdoor entertaining once summer rolls around again. The garden effectively becomes an extension of your property.

As well as enjoying a real sense of space, you get a lot of extra light, so that it feels almost as though you’ve extended your home. And if space is at a premium, the slimmer aluminium frames and optimal glass of bi-folding doors offer a stylish solution.

Another advantage is that you can incorporate an entrance door into your bifold model, so that you can step outside easily, and don’t have to fold back the whole unit to do so. (You can’t always do this with fully sliding versions.)

Creating this transition from inside to outside makes all your space seem a lot bigger, and you can even have the same stone floor or porcelain tiling on, say, your patio and kitchen. Further underline the effect with soft furnishings in both areas in natural greens or browns, or choose dining chairs you can move out into the garden, weather permitting.

With all these benefits, it’s perhaps hardly surprising that these products are growing in popularity. At Paradise, we offer precision-engineered bifold doors from our Tewkesbury-based supplier. We supply elegant systems across Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire, as well as double glazing in Oxford and beyond.

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