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Stay cool this summer with a stylish lantern roof

Conservatories are wonderful for adding extra living space and natural daylight to your home. But some models can soon start to feel the heat, due, obviously, to all that glass. Plastic polycarbonate roofs in particular really absorb the intensity of the sun’s rays, and so these rooms can become very toasty.

At this time of year, it’s great knowing the whole summer lies ahead. But if 2019 is anything like last year – 2018 was the joint hottest summer on record for the UK overall and the warmest ever for England – we could well be in for another run of scorchers.

Tips for staying cool

Happily, there are various things you can do to keep your conservatory a consistently comfortable temperature:

  • Fit blinds and fans –blinds will also keep the room warm in winter
  • Add a cooling film to the glass – an adhesive layer which reflects away more than 75% of the sun’s rays
  • Air con could offer another solution – effective if not the cheapest or most eco-friendly idea

Using light, soft fabrics in pastels and whites will also help when the mercury climbs. And don’t forget the good old-fashioned solution of simply opening vents, doors and windows to keep air circulating.

Raising the roof

While replacing your conservatory’s roof may see a drastic solution, it’s actually more affordable and effective than you may have realised.

And as well as keeping heat out during the warmer months, a high-quality roof constructed from thermally efficient materials will keep you cosier once autumn rolls around again. So you can potentially save on both heating and air con bills. (Plus lighting should be cheaper, too, if you go for a model allowing in more daylight.)


Let there be light – with a roof lantern

As long as your existing roof is structurally sound, it can take a roof lantern – a raised, pitched window that’s rectangular, hexagonal or octagonal and designed to let the natural light flood into a property while making a room appear instantly more spacious.

What’s more, noise pollution is reduced, you add overall value to your home, and, if you’re into stargazing, you’ll get an excellent view of the night sky as well!

You can fit a roof lantern in any room you reckon could do with lightening up, so these models aren’t just for conservatories.

What we offer at Paradise Windows

At Paradise, we offer the UltraSky roof system from market leaders Ultraframe. This superior model can be installed in an existing flat roof or on to a new-build orangery or conservatory, as a superb source of plentiful natural daylight.

Choose from white uPVC, or aluminium in any of the following colours:

  • White
  • Grey
  • Satin black
  • Anthracite

The product is clad internally in either powder-coated white, grey or satin black or aluminium or white uPVC, to either contrast or match the external finish.

You’ll have peace of mind of knowing you’re booking with one of Oxfordshire’s longest established suppliers of replacement windows and doors. We’re independent from affiliation to any specific manufacturer, and guarantee all products for a decade. Book your initial free consultation for a lantern roof with us today.